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We may not be #1 but with nearly a BILLION parts (1,007,371,733) on our shelves we are one the industries top stocking distributors!
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About PCC
PC Components (PCC) is a leading stocking distributor of electronic components with the responsiveness and flexibility of small business; yet the processes, quality systems, and proprietary software that you expect from the largest Independent Distributors. In fact, more than 2,000 other independent distributors are now customers who trust the PCC Crew-In-Blue™ for more than 25 years. PCC is unique because it specializes in selling its own inventory while other Independent Distributors typically provide brokering and other services. PCC's focus on selling inventory drives the company to develop and continually upgrade state-of-the-art proprietary software tools that monitor world supply and demand giving PCC with an unparalleled advantage over its competitors when selling inventory. The majority of PCC's inventory comes from OEMs, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers, and Contract Manufacturers (CMs) who hire PCC to sell their excess. PCC currently has exactly 1,007,371,733 parts (updated daily) on the shelf and is known for offering same day shipping on orders received before 5PM Eastern Time.
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When the time comes to transition to a new lifestyle other distributors often outsource the selling of their inventory to PCC. In these cases you can reorder the same inventory that you have purchased in the past from the other distributor from PCC.

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